What is Domain Purge?

Domain Purge is an event series which brings together aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and students to create new businesses using old domain names. Over the course of a weekend, participants will work in teams to develop skills in content creation, developing revenue models, collecting currency and more. 

What is a domain name? 

A domain name is a web address used to identify companies, websites, or individuals online.  They serve the purpose of conveying information or selling products to an end user.

  • google.com
  • apple.com
  • wikipedia.com

There are also a plethora of unused domain names laying around on sites like freshdrop.com , waiting for an entrepreneur or business to create a purpose for them. 

If you had the rights to dailycatfacts.com, what would you create? How could you create passive income? The possibilities are endless!

Bad Art Auction, a business idea created during a Domain Purge event, helps to "get art out of trash cans and onto walls", for example. You can learn more about Bad Art Auction here.

What do the events look like? 

Whether you're a budding developer or marketing guru, the Domain Purge Player Guide features different teams that allows participants to learn new skills or put to practice what they already know.

  • Landing Page Team - this team is responsible for creating  a website for customers that provides details and purchase options for products 
  • Video Team - this team is responsible for detailing how you will solve a problem and creating advertisement material
  • Currency Team - this team is responsible for determining the type of currency to collect from customers and how to collect it

One of our experts will help guide teams toward their goals with a bias towards action. Remember, done is better than perfect!

How to attend an event:

Domain Purge events are in the works all over the globe. Attending an event is easy as RSVP'ing. Most events are free, yet we do take donations at the door. 

  • To check out our upcoming events, click here
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Do you have questions, comments or would like to partner with Domain Purge? Send us a quick message and we'll respond shortly.