How to Make Authentic Connections with Your Target Market

Using social media to connect with your target market can be a daunting task, especially as a startup with limited digital assets. However, it's still possible to have purposeful interactions online-- even when the internet isn't your main distribution channel. Social media should serve as a supplement to real-world interactions; representing your company culture and showcasing the efforts to fulfill your value statement. Usually this takes form of online customer service, and, believe it or not, fast food Twitter accounts are a great example of how to effectively engage with your target market. 

As the Digital Marketing Intern for Domain Purge, I posed myself two questions that could help guide my online marketing endeavors: 

  1. How can I get my company noticed by industry leaders?
  2. How can I engage with entrepreneurial clients on social media? 

I had the opportunity to speak with tech entrepreneur David Frahm (@davidfrahm) and education entrepreneur Matt Murrie (@mattmurrie), who gave me amazing feedback on how I could improve Domain Purge's online presence. I found it interesting that each of our conversations revolved around the  themes of consistency, authenticity, and value.

Consistency means actively creating new content for your target market to engage. It will take some experimentation to find the most efficient times to publish content, but at least have something. This doesn't mean post at least 3 tweets a day or add new blog content every Friday-- content flow should be more melodic than systemic. According to David, it's better to be patient and wait for opportunities to add value. In other words, don't force it. This is where authenticity comes into play. 

Authenticity means recognizing and adapting to online power structures before starting an interaction. You should strive to create mutual relationships that benefit both parties. To do so, Matt mentioned that it's best to consider what assets or qualities you bring to the table. What is something of value that [your company name] has to offer to the world? Which online tone or "personality" best reflects [your company name]'s values and resonates with the target market? In every interaction, stay true to these core values. This will result in creating authentic relationships.  

To wrap things up, the impact of social media content can be measured by its value. Based on my conversations with David and Matt, I came up with a formula that integrates our three themes:

value = consistency + authenticity

How can you measure the value of your content? Well, if you're consciously waiting for optimal opportunities to post authentic content, it's valuable. 

Rather than posting content during a specific timeframe to a general target market, wait for the right time to add an authentic perspective. This formula will help your social media profile be more approachable, more human, and create real connections with your target market. Having a valuable online presence is definitely what Domain Purge aspires to attain, and we're striving to connect with entrepreneurs  throughout the world. 


Collin BunchComment