Small Business Highlight - HYPERSPACE Collective


It is most noted by people my age that the summer before college is the best summer one will have. Look at it this way-- you’ve just graduated high school, received your diploma, and have a completely clean slate before college starts in the fall. You live with your parents and don’t have to worry about living expenses, and you get a nice dinner every evening. This is the perfect time to hang out with your friends and have the best summer ever… or so I thought! Instead of living my best life, I found myself to be very bored during the summer before college and I was yearning for something productive to do.

Usually I’ve always found ways to keep myself busy through artwork. In highschool, my artwork was featured at a few art shows and I’ve even won some awards. Now that high school was over, I still wanted a reason to create meaningful artwork outside of school. From this notion my creative company, HYPERSPACE COLLECTIVE, was born.

HYPERSPACE started as a platform for me to share my artwork with the world. This platform soon turned into an e-commerce website for me to sell my artwork on t-shirts and tote bags. There was even a HYPERSPACE pop-up shop, as well.



My company was going strong all throughout the summer, but I got busy with operations when I started college that fall. I now had new responsibilities that concerned me, such as living expenses and what’s for dinner. Instead of spending my free time creating artwork for my company, I found myself cramming in the library, studying for exams. During this busy period, HYPERSPACE started its slow change into a blogging website that focused on showcasing other artists. The blogging side of my company is extremely beneficial, as it allows me to build business connections and attract traffic to my product. I also had to teach myself a lot of new software so my company could be as engaging as possible.

As I near the end of my college career, HYPERSPACE has continued to be a platform for artists to showcase their work. I’ve even gained a few team members that contribute amazing content and ideas. From e-commerce to blogging, HYPERSPACE has taken on many different forms, but the one thing that has remained the same is the sense of purpose it gives me to create new art.

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