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About Domain Purge


Communities need a way to help develop their entrepreneurial talent and resources by practicing in a safe environment. Currently it takes several years and failures to develop a “serial entrepreneur”. 

Domain Purge curbs this trend during an educational, results-oriented weekend.

Domain Purge is an entrepreneurial event series which provides attendees the framework to create new passive income using old domain names.


Shout Outs


Stacey Button - President, Regional economic development INC.

Domain Purge drew out new uniquely talented people in our community with their high-energy and fun event. We see the ROI in our ecosystem from connections and teams that were created at Domain Purge.

Matt Fischer

It takes a lot of time years) and mistakes to learn some of the fundamental skills of being an entrepreneur. Domain Purge lets you practice and grow lean startup processes, agile team management, and what is important to work on today.