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Have any unused domain names laying around?

Develop entrepreneurial skills and create business opportunities in your community with Domain Purge, a fast-paced event series. 



Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem



Considering going to a Domain Purge event? Why should you? Learn what to expect, our Code of Conduct, and hear from past attendees.


A thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem can be developed. How do you connect developers, students, skilled professionals, and entrepreneurs with resources and experts to grow?

Local Sponsors

Connect with people as they develop new teams and companies. Learn more about how local sponsors are essential to a great event and what they can expect as outcomes.

International Sponsors

We are creating a global community. Get your companies tools into new teams or find quality talent for your own company. Become a title sponsor or let us know what region of the world you're interested in.

Ecosystem Leader?

We build up skills and connections between the people that make your city great.